Lines and Wrinkles


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Non-surgical treatments

Over 11 million men and women have discovered the beneficial results of Botox® in helping to Keep them beautiful. The Cosmetic Nurse have years of expertise of Botox® treatments and procedures which means you can rest assured, you are in safe hands.Botox® is a trade name for a type of Botulinum toxin manufactured by Allergan, Inc. The cosmetic use of Botox® was first discovered in 1989 and since then has gained worldwide acceptance as a medicine particularly in the cosmetic treatment field.

Botox® is injected using a very fine needle directly into the site needing attention. The chemical then works by temporarily blocking the nerve impulses to the injected muscles, which then reduces muscle activity, which causes the lines to form in the first place.

Botox® treatments are temporary and need to be administered on a regular basis to maintain their effect – on average every 3 – 4 months.

Botox for men, Cumbria

Botox, not just for ladies

Botox® treatments are not just for ladies! Men’s skin suffers the same if not more general wear and tear than women’s and often those persistent frown and laughter lines become quickly pronounced giving an artificially aged appearance.

Botox® is a prescription only medicine and should only be administered by trained professions and each individual patient must have their Botox® prescribed prior to use.

At The Cosmetic Nurse Lisa Rooks is an Independent Nurse Prescriber and will ensure your safely is maintained, as well as your beauty!

Remember, “Botox® can be a prevention as well as a cure!” Rooks, L. (2010)